Solaris, the latest single by Fierce Mild, was written entirely as a response to a dream journal. The result is something that makes sense in the moment but leaves you with a feeling of not knowing entirely what happened. The accompanying music video explores a tumultuous psyche through the inspiration of haunting murder which took place on the Great Ocean Road.

The song is a linear journey that takes multiple transgressions and tempos and instrumentation shifts erratically at carefully planned points, whilst still maintaining a natural flow, Much in the way a dream makes little logical sense but the temporal feeling created is easily understood at the time the dream occurs. The song’s lyrics temporally shift from the present to future in a single instant. They continually play with the idea of conscious and subconscious interaction.

Drawing on David Lynch themes and traditions the video, as well as Fierce Mild’s performance, is like being caught in a very beautiful yet very strange dream; one that is as dynamic as it surreal. The sextet bombards audiences with a continuous, cinematic psycho-thriller from start-to-finish.

Genre-wanderings from psych, shoegaze, post-rock, and electro-acoustic dub are delivered with a folk-tinged Australian lyricism, whilst the stunning surrealist-horror projection works of live video artist Stephanie Peters are matched to beautiful dreamscapes of sound art and electric cello between songs that bind the music together into a singular cohesive narrative.